What happens when you compare yourself to others

This is a topic I’ve heard a great deal about recently.

Whether it’s a question about what someone else is doing, or a comment about feeling “less than” as a result of comparing, it’s a topic and struggle many entrepreneurs face.

Is it because we focus too much on the wins people share without realizing behind that win are potentially hundreds of losses?

Or maybe it’s because we forget the person we’re comparing ourselves to has been at this for much longer than we have. We tend to compare our “right now” – our beginning – to someone else’s “future” – their height.

Whatever the case, comparing yourself to others is a waste of time.

John launched EOFire on Sept 22, 2012.

Six months later he was generating revenue through coaching and one-off sponsorship opportunities.

Does that mean just because you launched a podcast, that your podcast is terrible if you aren’t able to accomplish the same thing?

What if you also launched a podcast, and within six months you were generating revenue through affiliate relationships – would that be “acceptable”?

Did you ever stop to think or realize that the income John was generating at month six didn’t even come close to breaking him out of the red because of the thousands of dollars he invested in himself at the beginning of his journey?

…But then you’ll probably immediately go to the fact that John had a runway, and you don’t.

There is no one else in the world who is just like you.

No one else is in the exact same situation as you, and no one else carries the same strengths, experiences and weaknesses that you do.

Start recognizing what your strengths, experiences and weaknesses are, and start leveraging them in a positive way without concerning yourself with what someone else is doing.

At the end of the day, that person you’re comparing yourself to has a completely different set of strengths, experiences and weaknesses than you.

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