The 5 steps to profitiability


It’s something we all need to strive for as Entrepreneurs.

In fact, it’s an OBLIGATION to strive for profit.

If we don’t, we won’t be able to continue to provide value to the world, and then EVERYONE loses.

There are 5 steps to profitability as an Entrepreneur, and I’ll break down each below.

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Step 1: Create free, valuable, and consistent content.

Sounds simple right?

Sadly, FEW people ever do all three. They might be good at one or two of the above, but only the rock-stars do all three long enough to become successful.


Until you’ve PROVEN yourself, you can’t expect to be compensated for your content. Deliver FREE content.


This might seem obvious, but sadly it’s often overlooked. Are you just adding more NOISE to the world or are you actually providing VALUE? If you’re not able to provide value at the start, make sure you’re sharing the content of someone who can.

This is why I created an interview based show, so my guests could provide value, until I reached the point I had value to share too!


Once your audience begins to know, like and trust you for the free and valuable content you’re putting out, make sure to maintain their trust w/ CONSISTENCY.

Commit to a schedule and STICK TO IT!

In Summation.

Now that you have step one down, come up with a plan to deliver free, valuable, and consistent content and execute. The results won’t happen overnight, so the sooner you start the better!

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Step 2: Coming soon…

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