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ANOTHER social media platform I have to care about?

That was MY first reaction when I heard Gary Vaynerchuk RAVING about this platform over and over… and over.

Then I tried it.

I hated it.

Then I tried it again.

I still hated it.

The interface is confusing, annoying, and NOT user friendly.

Then I watched THIS TUTORIAL from my dear friend Cliff Ravenscraft.

The lightbulb went on.

It finally clicked for me.

In fact, the light was so bright I realized Snapchat was not going to be ANOTHER social media platform I cared about – it was going to become the ONLY social media platform I cared about.

Ok, that last sentence was a little dramatic… but seriously, Snapchat has become BY FAR my biggest focus in social media.

It’s the FIRST and ONLY social media platform I’ve FALLEN IN LOVE with.

The reason?

Simple, and I can explain it in one word:


I’ll expound…

If you’ve listened to EOFire over the years (1300 episodes and counting, Fire Nation!), then you’ve noticed my massive focus on STORIES.

As humans, we CONNECT with stories on such a powerful level.

There’s a reason why HISTORY can be broken out into HIS (or HER) STORY.

Stories are how we learn, how we connect, and how we engage.

Before Snapchat implemented ‘Stories‘, the platform was of no interest to me.

But once they did (very recently), EVERYTHING changed…

Snapchat has become the place you can go to receive FREE and POWERFUL mentoring from those you admire and respect.

I no longer mentor one-on-one, but I do mentor one to many EVERY DAY on Snapchat… and it’s FREE!

This is an opportunity you should be taking advantage of.

Identify those people who are where you want to be in life and in business, and FOLLOW them on Snapchat.

If they use Snapchat like I do, they’ll be sharing KILLER insights on how they got to where they are, and how YOU can emulate their successes and avoid their failures.

If they don’t, and instead take pictures of their cat all day, then unfollow them and move on to the next person you admire.


I’ve implemented a ‘JLD daily rant‘ where I drop value bombs that I simply don’t have an outlet for elsewhere.

BELIEVE ME: you want to see these daily rants 🙂

I’m also able to be FUNNY.

For those of you who listen to EOFire, I know this might be hard to imagine. 😉 But Snapchat gives me the opportunity to be all kinds of corny that I don’t have an outlet for elsewhere.

So in summation…

Why should YOU care about Snapchat?

In my opinion, it’s the best tool available to follow and learn from those who are where you want to BE.

You get the inside scoop in a real-time, powerful, and entertaining manner.


Follow me here…

If you don’t dig it, simply unfollow me and go back to your life pre-Snapchat.

Again, this platform is TOUGH to get, but once you take the time to watch this tutorial, the lightbulb will go on, and you’ll be off to the races!

Give it a twirl… what do you have to lose?

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Click here to follow me!


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