S2E1: Why creating systems in your business is so important

creating systemsWhen I first came on board here at EOFire, I had a pretty good idea of what skills I could leverage right away that would have a big impact on the business.

Knowing John quite while at the time, I knew he had the whole vision and determination and value and consistency thing down.

So instead of dipping my hands into the idea pot, and trying to come up with some amazing HA-HA moment that might change the direction and trajectory of EOFire, I decided to focus on what it is I know best: making sure things are running efficiently and smoothly.

Focusing on systems

Making sure things are running efficiently and smoothly… not necessarily something I bragged about to my friends, or something I put on my resume, or even something I realized I was really good at – UNTIL I took a step back and gave myself space to think.

What am I good at?

What do I enjoy doing?

I’m good at details, planning, organizing, and seeing how it is that a complex project or idea can be brought to life.

I love the challenge, I love having something to focus on, and I love following something through from “not working”, to “working”.

Breaking through the ceiling

After realizing all this, I started putting my skills to work for EOFire, and I found that until you’re able to implement systems in your business, and sure – at some point hire 1 or 2 others to help you manage those systems – there will always be a ceiling holding you back from:

  • Scaling your time;
  • Generating more revenue;
  • Running your business most efficiently;
  • And so on…

Creating systems in your business is so important because without them, there’s only so much YOU can do.

There are only so many phone calls, coaching sessions, social media engagements, interviews, blog posts, and public relations one person can do.

But with systems, you can do all this, PLUS so much more… and the best part is, you can do it while ALSO experiencing whatever kind of freedom it is you want in your life at the same time.

Working on your business instead of in your business

When I came on board at EOFire, John was doing amazing things.

His audience was growing, the podcast was gaining some major momentum and traction, and in the 6 months since launching the podcast, he had earned over $10k in income (of course, we have to consider the almost $12k in expenses he had during those 6 months…)

Back to my point: John didn’t need me or systems to simply continue doing what he was doing.

But John didn’t want to simply continue doing what he was doing; he wanted to grow the business, and in doing so, reach more people.

He wanted to start scaling his time, generating revenue that would get him out of the red, and know that he was doing things as efficiently as possible.

In order to do all of these things, he needed systems.

Imagine all the working “in” the business he was having to do versus working “on” the business…

Proof? Sure, I’ve got tons of it.

John went from making $10k in his first 6 months post launch to making over $50k in the 5 months that followed.

Those 5 months that followed are when John started:

  • Batching his interviews;
  • Automating certain tasks with the help of tools & software; and
  • Delegating a lot more of the things he couldn’t continue doing if he wanted to scale and grow. 

Creating systems that create freedom

It doesn’t just have to be about scaling your time or just about generating more revenue. It’s about creating the freedom in your life that will allow you to grow the business you’ve always wanted, reach and help thousands of people, and doing it all while living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t let that ceiling cap your personal or business growth. It’s time to start creating systems in your business that will create freedom in your life.

Check out our home base for Season 2 for everything that’s going down here on Kate’s Take, including links to all the posts and episodes we’ll be publishing around creating systems in your business!

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