S1Bonus: How to manage overwhelm with SO MANY great ideas

How to manage overwhelmShout out to Jason from Podcasters’ Paradise; he inspired this bonus episode on Kate’s Take today 🙂

Tune in hear Jason’s question, and a deep dive into my thoughts on how to manage overwhelm with SO MANY great ideas!

Notes from today’s bonus episode

When we’re building our biz it can be easy to get distracted – lots of moving pieces and tons of “to do’s”.

Until we prioritize the things we want to accomplish, we will continue to feel overwhelmed and under-accomplished.

It’s tough – esp when everyone is yelling from every direction: try this, do that – NO THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT!

FOCUS, and sitting down to set priorities, is key.

The Freedom Journal aims to help you focus on accomplishing just ONE goal in 100 days.

This doesn’t mean you won’t accomplish so much more over that same time period – your daily and weekly routines will go on, but the bulk of your bandwidth and attention is FOCUSED.

Trying new platforms, new gadgets, new strategies… probably won’t be in the cards for you during this time.

Does that mean you can NEVER try these things?

Of course not. Keep a list by you – even use the blank pages in the back of The Freedom Journal to help you keep notes on the things you want to try, research, test — just not right now.

SO, is it important to do a bunch of stuff to build a strong foundation and start growing your business?

YES, but each individual “thing” will have its own time and place.

Let’s say you want to start building an email list, you also want to start a podcast, you know a blog is a good idea, and you can’t wait to start growing your social media presence… Which ONE will be your priority?

There will of course be some things you’re doing each day – or each week – to keep your biz moving… answering emails, building relationships, engaging on social media, etc. BUT, if you’re working on launching your podcast, LAUNCH your podcast; THEN you can move on to focusing on how you’re going to grow your email list.


Grab The Freedom Journal today and get built in checkpoints, review periods and daily accountability towards accomplishing that ONE BIG THING in just 100 days.

The Freedom Journal

What’s that ONE BIG THING for you right? Share with us in the comments section below!

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