How Long Should Your Email Promotion Be? You Might be Surprised

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Email marketing promotion is one of the most essential tools for small businesses to win more clients. Having an established mailing list and consistent frequency allows businesses to gauge what strategy and messaging works best.

But what are best possible elements an effective email promotion have?

According to research conducted by Constant Contact, there are optimal numbers of images and lines of text small businesses should include in email marketing campaigns to optimize their click-through rates.

Senior vice-president of Constant Contact Christopher Litster says that click-through rates convey how often your email subscribers click on the links where you want them to go and is the best measurement of e-mail content quality and effectiveness of email as a marketing tool.

According to the research, 20 or fewer lines of text with three or fewer images results in the most number of click-throughs per email.

Different industries also have varied results.

For example, some email subscribers prefer more lines of text and images than the average. Association click-through rates remain consistent between 20 and 30 lines of text, while membership organizations have consistently high click-through rates on email messages between 15 to 30 lines of text.

Business and service companies need more images in their e-mails — about 13 to 16 —  to gain highest click-through rates due to the fact that subscribers expect visuals of products and services. Restaurants, salons and spas similarly need larger amounts of images — at least 15 — in their email promotions to get peak click-through rates.

While results seem to vary depending on industry, Litster insists an average 20 lines and three images per email seems a good average for optimal click-through rates in an email promotion.

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