10 Resources to Help You Do Business in the UK

If you’re a U.S. company looking to expand internationally, the U.K. is one market that might be on your horizon. The barriers to entry for international companies are pretty low. In fact, in 2014, Matthew Hancock, who previously served as Minister for Small Business, Industry, and Enterprise, highlighted some of the

99Designs Rebrand Announced, Proprietary Financial Data Released

Popular design crowdsourcing site 99designs is on a roll. In its eighth consecutive year of double-digit growth, a 99designs rebrand has been announced and the company reveals it has achieved revenue of nearly $60 million. According to 99designs proprietary financial data, designer payouts are now averaging $3.5 million a month and have

10 Essential Building Blocks for Successful Businesses

There are so many things that go into building a successful business. Each business can arrange those building blocks differently. But there are some essential elements that should go into every business plan. Here, members of the small business community share some essential building blocks for successful businesses. Understand the Importance

3 Fs to Find Funding for Your Startup

Everyone has good ideas.  Some of them may even be million dollar ideas, but if you live from paycheck to paycheck or beyond your means, you may never be able to quit your job and start a business. Why?  Because the money to start your new business will come from your right

Founding Team Members Should be Pigs, Not Chickens

When I taught at the Sloan School at MIT nearly two decades ago, the then-Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, Ken Morse, used to tell students, “Entrepreneurs should be pigs not chickens.” I was reminded of that line last week when I decided not to invest in a great startup

What the Latest Co-Working Spaces Offer Freelancers

The amount of freelance and independent workers has increased drastically in recent years. And with that growing trend of non-traditional workers, co-working spaces have also experienced drastic growth. If you haven’t checked out any co-working spaces recently, then you might think they’re just open spaces with desks and WiFi. But today’s co-working

When Power Lunch Isn’t Enough: Texting to Get Lunch Delivered

The power lunch, a fast bite at a local eatery perhaps with business acquaintances has become a staple of business culture. But now, it seems that even power lunches may not be convenient enough and a new solution is being cooked up to get a convenient lunch without interrupting work