Small Business Friendly Metro Areas

Spending at small businesses is much higher in some metropolitan areas than others, according to data from the newly formed J.P. Morgan Chase Institute, a think tank created to provide insight on the economy using the bank’s proprietary information. The relative balance between central cities and suburbs may be the

Top Converting Ecommerce Businesses And How They Do It

With the constant increase in ecommerce trends, more small businesses are experimenting with online selling. But cart abandonment continues to be a big issue. If you want to know how sales on your ecommerce site can be improved (and who does’t), consider this. The experts at InFlow created video site

Should You Open a Pop-Up Shop?

Are you looking for a way to spark excitement around your retail store, test a new product line or reach out to a new market without making a huge financial commitment? The answer just could be a pop-up shop. Should I Open A Pop-Up Shop? Pop-up shops are temporary retail locations deriving their

Sonar Expands It’s SMS Capability By Integrating With Shopify

A mobile-first world and an on-demand economy has introduced a level of engagement between consumers and businesses that, for the most part, has been mutually beneficial. For companies, it means making contact without pushing away the customer, and using the right technology to fully take advantage of the opportunities. Short Message