10 Ways to Update Your Online Marketing Efforts

Marketing methods for small businesses are constantly changing. You need to be able to keep up with customers who are using technology that’s always evolving. To update your online marketing efforts, take a look at the following tips from members of the online small business community. Use These Tips for a Great

How to Build an Attractive Business and Personal Brand

Should you brand yourself or your business? The short answer is both. The better question is what should you brand first — your business or yourself? Every brand, be it a personal brand or a business brand, needs to have a clear road map of the future. You must know where your brand wants to go, and how it’s going

10 Ways You Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts

Your email marketing strategy can have a big impact on your sales and the overall success of your business. To build your list and more effectively communicate with your subscribers, check out these tips from some members of our small business community. Overcome New Gmail Hurdles Gmail recently made some changes to

How Long Should Your Email Promotion Be? You Might be Surprised

Email marketing promotion is one of the most essential tools for small businesses to win more clients. Having an established mailing list and consistent frequency allows businesses to gauge what strategy and messaging works best. But what are best possible elements an effective email promotion have? According to research conducted by Constant Contact,

Brick-and-Mortar SMB’s: 5 Tips for Marketing on a Budget

While the most recent numbers haven’t been officially released, the U.S. is likely to have well in excess of 30 million small businesses currently surviving (see the latest SBA stats [PDF]). If you listen to Rand Paul’s thinking, only about 3 million of them have a chance of skirting through the