How to Use a Stay Interview to Keep Good Employees

“Won’t you stay just a little bit longer?” Employee retention may not be what the 50s crooner Frankie Valli had in mind when he sang that iconic line from the song “Stay,” but it is a topic of concern for every employer who fears losing top-tier talent. That is particularly the case

Taking Care of Your Business Means Taking Care of Yourself

Growing up, everyone is told there’s no room for selfishness in corporate America. If you want to be successful, then you have to be a team player. Unfortunately, over the years, many of us have confused the notion of being a “team player” with the idea that you can’t do

If It’s Not Core, Then It’s Going Off-Shore

Every small business owner should focus on what the customer values. Your Business Professor was struggling to manage my part of a $200 million dollar project at an All-Staff Meeting. There were whispers between my directors and some of their back-benching assistants. Something was odd about their conversations. Their language was

How Volunteering Sharpens My Entrepreneurial Skills

About this time last year, I decided I needed to give back to others. Not that I had failed to do that with my business, but I wanted to do something that was more for others than for myself. I was going through a rough patch and wanted to stop the

Marketer’s Guide to Establishing Key Performance Indicators

The modern marketer has access to resources and tools that previous generations never thought possible. However, you can’t confuse access to resources with proper utilization of resources. The only way to maximize the data and technology you have at your fingertips is to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyze