Top 5 Bad Sales Habits that Affect Performance

Your sales team can be one of your organization’s biggest assets, but individual members can also develop bad habits that impact overall performance. Although most bad habits can be corrected through sales executive training, the longer you ignore them, the more difficult habits are to break. Therefore, it’s important to

When You’re Passionate About Your Cause, Success Will Follow

As the leader of a company that’s dedicated to developing solutions that help physicians diagnose, treat, and improve gynecologic health outcomes for women, I find myself facing sensitive, often heartrending situations. But I still consider myself incredibly blessed to be doing what I do. All business owners and executives generally start

How to Save a Dying Business

The cyclical nature of business suggests that at some point, your business is going to go through a down phase—a recession and oppression that is either due to owner mismanagement or the overall economy. Many know the statistics of business failure, what is less known is the statistics of business

5 Signs Your Website Needs a Facelift

When was the last time you took a critical look at your website? It may have been a while. It can be hard to see your site objectively because you look at it every day. You don’t notice as it ages because you’re used to seeing it regularly, rather than

How to Use Joint Ventures to Your Advantage

When clients approach me with helping them with their businesses, the first thing I ask is, “Who do you know well in your industry?” I ask this question because small businesses need other small businesses to help grow. The misconception in small business is that there is a ‘do it