How to Create a Training Plan for your Employees

Hiring and retaining good employees are essential to small business growth. Many small businesses lack the resources to hire top talent and find themselves fighting for scraps in the employee gene pool. Small businesses tend to be the entry point for the unemployed and underemployed. On the rare occasion that

How to Know if It’s Time to Expand Your Business

Thinking about expanding your business is a big deal for obvious reasons. If your clientele is growing and you need to move to a bigger space or increase the number of employees, you need to make sure that you’ll continue to operate efficiently and effectively. More importantly, you need to

How to Save a Dying Business

The cyclical nature of business suggests that at some point, your business is going to go through a down phase—a recession and oppression that is either due to owner mismanagement or the overall economy. Many know the statistics of business failure, what is less known is the statistics of business

How to Use Joint Ventures to Your Advantage

When clients approach me with helping them with their businesses, the first thing I ask is, “Who do you know well in your industry?” I ask this question because small businesses need other small businesses to help grow. The misconception in small business is that there is a ‘do it

The Business of Charity: Where Purpose and Profit Meet

Generally, when clients approach me about starting a nonprofit organization, I try to talk them out of it. I do this for several reasons. The most important reason being that I do not think that people really understand what it means to operate a nonprofit. In my purely non-scientific assessment

Trends in Entrepreneurship – The Decline of Self Employment

The U.S. Small Business Administration has released the first report in a series on “trends in entrepreneurship.” The first report is called The Missing Millennial Entrepreneurs. It is an interesting read that is highlighted by the declining self-employment numbers overall. After reading the report, there were two things that stood out