Taking Care of Your Business Means Taking Care of Yourself

Growing up, everyone is told there’s no room for selfishness in corporate America. If you want to be successful, then you have to be a team player. Unfortunately, over the years, many of us have confused the notion of being a “team player” with the idea that you can’t do

What Can the White House Teach You About Summer Hiring?

Are you starting to think ahead to summer hiring? Maybe you own a seasonal business that needs more staffers in the summer — or maybe you’re just thinking summer could be a good time to hire some students and get energetic young employees at a reasonable rate. As you look for

10 Resources to Help You Do Business in the UK

If you’re a U.S. company looking to expand internationally, the U.K. is one market that might be on your horizon. The barriers to entry for international companies are pretty low. In fact, in 2014, Matthew Hancock, who previously served as Minister for Small Business, Industry, and Enterprise, highlighted some of the

If It’s Not Core, Then It’s Going Off-Shore

Every small business owner should focus on what the customer values. Your Business Professor was struggling to manage my part of a $200 million dollar project at an All-Staff Meeting. There were whispers between my directors and some of their back-benching assistants. Something was odd about their conversations. Their language was

Here’s Why You Should Be Publishing on LinkedIn

Finding success as a producer of content is often a hit-or-miss endeavor. With such a flood of content being produced by so many people on a constant basis, getting your name out there as an effective author can be incredibly challenging. Whether you’re writing for a personal or professional blog,

All Owners Know the Value, but Millennials Tap Tech Quicker

Sponsored Post Hold onto your socks: Millennials are the most tech-savvy generation. Okay, that’s really not so surprising. Born into the Information Age, most Millennials are digital savants compared to Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who have had to adjust and adapt to today’s technology. But across generations, most small business owners