How Angel Investors Boost Their Returns

Sophisticated angel investors don’t finance early stage companies because they love technology, want to help entrepreneurs, to benefit society or any of the other things that the term “angel” might imply. They do it to make money. For their startup investments to be worthwhile, the returns angels generate have to exceed

Small Business Friendly Metro Areas

Spending at small businesses is much higher in some metropolitan areas than others, according to data from the newly formed J.P. Morgan Chase Institute, a think tank created to provide insight on the economy using the bank’s proprietary information. The relative balance between central cities and suburbs may be the

Network in NYC Or Get Motivated in Des Moines

You can network with other business leaders in New York City or Get Motivated in Des Moines this coming week. All you need is a plane ticket, some cab fare or maybe your own car — depending how far you live from each event. There are plenty of other business happenings

10 Community Tips for Modern Businesses

Running a business today looks much different than running a business even just a few years ago. You have new trends, new technology, and even new types of employees. To make sure you’re making the most of these things, check out the tips below from this community of modern business

How to Use a Stay Interview to Keep Good Employees

“Won’t you stay just a little bit longer?” Employee retention may not be what the 50s crooner Frankie Valli had in mind when he sang that iconic line from the song “Stay,” but it is a topic of concern for every employer who fears losing top-tier talent. That is particularly the case

Top Converting Ecommerce Businesses And How They Do It

With the constant increase in ecommerce trends, more small businesses are experimenting with online selling. But cart abandonment continues to be a big issue. If you want to know how sales on your ecommerce site can be improved (and who does’t), consider this. The experts at InFlow created video site