What’s Your Professional Development Plan?

Employees today have increased bargaining power as the job market is becoming more competitive to retain top-skilled workers. One of the best enticements is to offer a robust professional development plan. Offering a professional development plan that is personalized to the needs of the individual employee allows the company to

Building Business Systems Improves Your Bottom Line

What are business systems, anyway? Simply put, business systems include any system that can be defined as the way you do things. Any routine that has a process you follow is a system. You may have a regular process for feeding your dog, putting the kids to bed at night, or

Why You Should Document Best Practices at Work

I had the opportunity to help a local humane society animal shelter, not too many years ago. I was filling in after their executive director was fired and was trying to help them right their organizational ship before embarking on hiring a replacement. The shelter housed approximately 100 dogs and cats.