7 Offline Marketing Tactics for Boosting Brand Awareness

Sponsored by Australian Corporate Essentials: In this fact paced, digital world, it’s easy to forget that marketing isn’t a job that has to be done exclusively

How to Create a Training Plan for your Employees

Hiring and retaining good employees are essential to small business growth. Many small businesses lack the resources to hire top talent and find themselves fighting

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll

Businesses are forever changing, whether it is through advances in technology or branching into new markets. However, one thing in business that will never change

5 Steps and Useful Tools to Create Your Website

Yes, you can design and build your own website—even if this is your first foray into web design. While you may benefit from hiring a

Sales Best Practices: How To Handle Your Competition

Competition is one of the most challenging obstacles any business has to overcome. According to McKinsey & Company, 85% of business executives believe their industry

The Mechanics Behind the Art of Customer Acquisition and Internet Marketing Lead Generation

Almost every company has a website, and most companies with websites want them to generate sales leads. However, most companies with lead generation websites have

Why More Women Are Starting Day-Trading Careers

Forex and stocks trading has long been a “boy’s club,” as the industry has traditionally been dominated by males. But thanks in part to electronic

Bankruptcy Could Help You Keep Moving Forward

Sponsored by Suzzanne Uhland: Bankruptcy should be avoided at all costs. That’s the conventional wisdom. Listen to any call from a creditor seeking to collect a

How to Know if It’s Time to Expand Your Business

Thinking about expanding your business is a big deal for obvious reasons. If your clientele is growing and you need to move to a bigger

Human Resources for the 21st Century: Hiring and Training

The human resources department is an important part of any organization. From hiring new staff members to training them in an online training software, and

Top 5 Bad Sales Habits that Affect Performance

Your sales team can be one of your organization’s biggest assets, but individual members can also develop bad habits that impact overall performance. Although most

6 Types of Content that Have Greatest Brand Value for Small Businesses

When entrepreneurs with small businesses are already crushed under heavy daily workloads of producing great content, it helps to know which type of content will

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When You’re Passionate About Your Cause, Success Will Follow

As the leader of a company that’s dedicated to developing solutions that help physicians diagnose, treat, and improve gynecologic health outcomes for women, I find

How to Save a Dying Business

The cyclical nature of business suggests that at some point, your business is going to go through a down phase—a recession and oppression that is

5 Signs Your Website Needs a Facelift

When was the last time you took a critical look at your website? It may have been a while. It can be hard to see

4 Creative Ways to Use Mobile Payments In Your Retail Business

Technology is becoming more commonplace in various aspects of our lives. Smartphones have replaced watches, alarm clocks, and calendars, and they could begin to phase

3 Places to Look for Insight into Your Career Direction

Curious about what to do next with your career direction? Feeling vague about your strengths and interests? Looking for a few guideposts to get insight

3 Reasons Why Changing Jobs For Better Earnings Is Not Wise

A typical professional life is incomplete without switching jobs. In fact, hopping from one job to another is rather common these days. Why? The reasons

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How to Use Joint Ventures to Your Advantage

When clients approach me with helping them with their businesses, the first thing I ask is, “Who do you know well in your industry?” I

Business Plan: Key to Success in Investments and Business

Sponsored by Joorney Business Plans: In June of 2015, the United States was named the number one country for women entrepreneurs according to a study completed

5 Best Ways to Irritate Your Employees and Paralyze Production

Whether you manage employees from one to one hundred, you’ve probably said and done things that you wish you hadn’t. Take heart; there is no

The Business of Charity: Where Purpose and Profit Meet

Generally, when clients approach me about starting a nonprofit organization, I try to talk them out of it. I do this for several reasons. The

What’s Your Professional Development Plan?

Employees today have increased bargaining power as the job market is becoming more competitive to retain top-skilled workers. One of the best enticements is to

The Most Common Small Business Website Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

What is it? Most businesses own one, yet it doesn’t do anything for them. A website is an essential marketing tool that each and every small

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3 Business Operational Tasks to Integrate with Your Billing System

Sponsored by Vend: We’re in the midst of a golden age for software-as-a-service (SaaS), especially when it comes to business solutions. Today, there seems to be

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How to Create a Plan of Action to Grow Your Business

So often I have business owners approach me with ideas and thoughts about growing their business. Often, the problem is not the lack of ideas

7 Steps to Make Workplace Bullying Clock Out

The word “bullying” is often overused and misused, but that doesn’t discount the damage of the real thing. StopBullying.gov defines it as “unwanted, aggressive behavior

5 Things to Consider Before You Sell Your Business

Ending a business is usually the last thing a business owner wants to think about. However, succession planning should be a top priority of business

Top 10 Content Curation Tools For Your Blog and Social Media

Content curation is the practice of sharing content that is informative, relevant, and sometimes just plain fun. It’s a great way to keep your audience

Leadership, Strategy and Innovation at the Women in Strategy Summit

We’re less than a week away from the Women in Strategy Summit which Women on Business is helping to sponsor. The summit gathers the world’s

Trends in Entrepreneurship – The Decline of Self Employment

The U.S. Small Business Administration has released the first report in a series on “trends in entrepreneurship.” The first report is called The Missing Millennial

Building Business Systems Improves Your Bottom Line

What are business systems, anyway? Simply put, business systems include any system that can be defined as the way you do things. Any routine that has

5 Easy Ways to Attract More Clients

Whatever your business, position, or financial situation, attracting more clients is essential if you’re aiming for long-term growth. While business may be booming and your

Sole Proprietorship? How to Budget for Running Your Own Startup

Sponsored by Trust Deed Scotland: As a sole proprietor it’s up to you to make all big decisions within your business as well as footing the

How Spiritual Advisors can Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Sponsored by Kasamba: In business, it’s important to do your research before you make important decisions, but in our struggle to build successful businesses, we sometimes

How Not Looking out for the Small Costs in Business can Stack up Against You

Sponsored by Compare Costs: If you’ve started a business or thought about becoming your own boss, it can be rewarding once the business is up and

Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring a PPC Management Company

Sponsored by Clicks Geek: Are you unsure about which PPC management company to hire? If so, you’re not alone. Pay-per-click advertising is extremely effective and profitable

Small Business and Sustainability

When talking about sustainable business practices, we tend to focus on what large, multinational corporations need to be doing differently. We criticize McDonald’s and Apple

Women on Business is Sponsoring the Women in Strategy Summit

The Women in Strategy Summit will be held on March 10th and 11th in New York City, and Women on Business is very happy to

How to Make Your Productivity Skyrocket

There are a ton of articles out there about how to boost your productivity, some of them useful and some of them not (I think

Website Goals that Set Your Business Apart

It’s tough to find a business that can succeed without a website. All websites aren’t created equal. Some sites are helping businesses grow while others

3 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience with Content Marketing

The number one goal for businesses of all stages should be reaching their target audience—especially when it comes to content marketing, social media, and outbound

Vanhishikha Bhargava Joins the Women on Business Contributor Team

I am happy to announce that Vanhishikha Bhargava has joined the team of contributors for Women on Business. Vanhishikha brings her knowledge of digital and

Improve Sales by Training the Sales Staff on Your Products and Services

One of the most vital tools in a sales person’s arsenal is a thorough knowledge of the products or services they are selling. Training for

Why You Should Document Best Practices at Work

I had the opportunity to help a local humane society animal shelter, not too many years ago. I was filling in after their executive director

The Importance of Client Sentiment When Selling and Buying Shares

Sponsored by CMC Markets: When you’re working with trades, you’ll need insight into what the market is doing and how your product is trading. When you

There’s No “I” in Team, But There Should Be

I’m just going to come right out and say it. Being a team player is passé. Long the mantra of the corporate world, all employers

What Is A Better Investment Now: Gold or Silver?

Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer was a popular television show in the 1970’s. The show was a story that brought to life the popular Christmas

Why Sustainable Growth Matters to Entrepreneurs

Every business owner wants their company to grow. After all, expansion is fundamental to any company’s long-term success. Yet what a lot of new entrepreneurs

Shahara Wright, Esq. Joins the Women on Business Writers Team

Please join me in welcoming Shahara Wright, Esq. to the team of contributing writers at Women on Business. Shahara brings nearly two decades of experience

5 Things to Consider When Using Freelancers

Sponsored by Pro Business Plans: Using freelancers can be a great way to boost your business performance, but you should always consider several things before hiring

10 Great Business Ideas for Couples

Do you love your spouse? Why not start a business together? Because of the growing trend for families to have both parents working, it is

5 Ways to Invest in Your Career

Do you invest in your career? Most of us have career goals but not as many of us are investing enough in ourselves so we

Ashley Logan Joins the Women on Business Writers Team

Please join me in welcoming Ashley Logan to the Women on Business team of contributing writers. Through Ashley’s experience and success, she has established herself

How to Run Your Own Business Successfully

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Does something always get in the way? From insufficient funds to lack of experience, spending time with

6 Ways to Effectively Work from Home

Working from home is fun. It gives you the liberty to be your own boss. Whether it is about scheduling a Skype call with a

Does Your Job Match Your Personality Type? [Infographic]

What personality type are you? If you’re not sure, you can take the online assessment at 16Personalities.com. It only takes about 10 minutes to take

10 Unique WordPress Themes for Your Design Business

Whether you design websites, marketing materials, clothes, houses, or anything else you can think of, if your business taps into your creativity, then you need

Is Your Smartphone Killing Your Relationship?

The truth is, like it or not, most of us are slaves to our smartphones. In a digital age where we’re constantly connected, we’re so

6 Ways to Treat Your “True” Customer Well

Every year, I make a point to set a new goal for my business. Not just for me, but for all the men and women

The Death of Thank You

It’s the wave from the driver as you allow someone into the line of cars at the freeway on-ramp. It’s the smile and nod as you

Superstars of Tech – 3 Women Who Influence the Business World

Sponsored by Advance Systems: The days of the tech industry being dominated by young, nerdy, smart but socially awkward males may still exist in TV programs

5 Ways to Boost Productivity in 2016

Whether you want to boost profits, grow your customer base or launch a new product range or service, now is the perfect time to reflect

How to Transition into Entrepreneurship

So you want to start a business, but you don’t yet have a game plan. Need some solid tips to get you started? You’ve come to

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Employability

In an increasingly competitive marketplace where qualifications + experience no longer equals gainful employment, it’s no secret that terms such as “job for life” and

Christina Comben Joins the Women on Business Team

I am happy to announce that Women on Business is adding another amazing business woman to its team of contributing writers! Please join me in

What to Look for in Employee Wellness Apps

Mobile apps for employee wellness programs (employee wellness apps) have long passed the point of just being a trend. Not only are there more than

Turn your Blogging Website into a Business

Blogging initially started with the idea of having an online diary. But unlike a diary, a blog is open and free for all—from criticisms and

3 Critical Connections You’re Missing without Internal Branding

There is a very simple sentence that I use to explain why internal brand building is so important. It’s in most of my books, I

Starting a Business? Here’s What You Need to Know [Infographic]

Globally, the median amount required to start a business is $15,000, but 29% of businesses fail when the owner runs out of money. That’s because

How Prioritizing Diversity Can Make You a Better Leader

With over 350 languages spoken in US homes and over 60% of all the nation’s children predicted to be part of a minority or ethnic

5 Small Business Growth Strategies that Work

Want to grow your small business? Most business owners do, but how do you do it? Fortunately, there are tried-and-true methods for small business growth

9 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Startup Lawyer

When you start a business you have a vision of doing something great, right? That’s why you want to do everything right, from your logo

When The Going Gets Rough, Remember These 5 Things

Everyone has those moments -- you hit a wall and don’t think you can go any further. You’ve encountered an obstacle that looks like it can’t

Why HR Professionals Must Know How Employees Commute

With the news that New York City and Washington D.C. have joined the trend of municipalities requiring employers of more than 20 workers to provide

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